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Attracting the right person for the job will save you time and money. Detailed Job Descriptions and Specifications enable an organization to identify what the job requires and the skills needed to perform the job, but the Recruitment Process, If handled Incorrectly, can be expensive and time consuming. A poorly worded or misplaced advertisement can attract the wrong people to your door, and in today's employment climate you need to be as specific as possible to reduce the number of inappropriate applicants.

In-SearchInc. can also help with the sifting/shortlist process and even be present at the interview to provide an objective opinion of the candidate. We also provide a timetable of events to help you manage your Recruitment Process smoothly. This will ensure all applicants are dealt with In a timely and efficient manner.


  • Candidate sourcing, screening, Interviewing and reference checking;
  • Design and Implementation of all recruiting forms ;
  • Design and production of brochures and other collateral for applicants, new hires and job fairs
  • Applicant tracking to ensure Federal and State compliance filings;
  • Designing an Applicant Tracking Systems;
  • Recruiting reports to track hiring costs will work with you to reduce your cost-per-hire.


Regardless of the size or complexity of an organization, a Job Description that is current and comprehensive is an effective management tool for communicating job requirements and performance standards to employees. A Job Description helps introduce new employees to their jobs and aids in their on-the-job training. Job Descriptions play an important role in evaluating job performance by comparing an employee's actual performance with the performance standards of the position, as indicated on the formalized Job Description.

Job Descriptions and Specifications allows Managers and Supervisors the guidelines to hire, promote, and supervise with maximum effectiveness. If your organization wants to Increase employee communications and maximize productivity, Ill written Job Descriptions and specifications are essential. We offer customized Job Descriptions and Specifications. Our comprehensive Job Descriptions demonstrate compliance with current and approaching legislation


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