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Do your employees know how they're performing? Are employees given attainable and quantifiable goals to strive towards?


Most employees want and expect regular performance feedback. A Performance Appraisal program achieves this goal by providing an ongoing process for evaluating job performance and providing constructive feedback. By acknowledging an employee's contributions to the organization and setting challenging but attainable goals for the next review period, the Performance Appraisal provides an effective method of increasing employee motivation. Organizations that don't evaluate their employees usually have lower productivity, poor employee morale, and higher staff turnover.


Once you have recruited and trained your employees It is Important that they are kept motivated and interested in the job and their skills are developed. Once skills are mastered, often with additional qualifications obtained, It Is human nature to want to move onto the next level. It Is Important to have Career Development Program in place to accommodate personal growth.


Your business is in a constantly changing environment. Destined to continue to be subjected to mergers (with the resultant restructuring, reorganization and relocation Issues). Spin-offs, start-ups and regrettably, some closures, will continue to be a feature of the sector for the foreseeable future.
can help make the transition run smoothly and ensure effective communication with employees, which Is key to successful change.


Whether voluntary or involuntary, redundancy is often a difficult time for employees. It is important that the organization supports the departing employee(s) and not lose sight of the impact redundancy has on those remaining.

Provides introductions to a variety of specialist outplacement consultants who will help the redundant employee find new career opportunities.
will also provide guidance on how to avoid low morale of the remaining employees during and after redundancies.

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