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Are you asking yourself?

Is my Human Resource Department functioning at its best?





Are your Human Resource policies effective?

  • No time to design, upgrade your new Employee Handbook?
  • Having trouble retaining good employees? High turnover?
  • Have special Human Resource projects that need more attention than you can provide?
  • Want to make sure your regulatory compliance is up to date?
  • Do you require Human Resources on any scale?

Could this be your company?

  • Your business has grown and your HR needs have become unmanageable?
  • Being unaware or unable to keep up with rapidly changing, complex labor laws is putting your company at risk?
  • You're not getting the right candidates to fill critical jobs?
  • You want to retain valued employees - your greatest assets - but can't provide the HR support they require?
  • Your assistant is juggling HR responsibilities with other critical tasks?
  • You and your management team want to use your time doing what you do best...growing a prosperous business but find you're mired in HR responsibilities?
  • We can bring structure to your HR needs by working together to design, tailor made  business solutions. We can set up and help you reach your recruiting goals, plan for organizational development and work with brokers to establish or enhance your benefits package.  You can also receive ongoing HR support by either telephone or on site In-SearchInc. Consulting can keep your overhead costs down by offering a range of services at an affordable price.

    •  Does your business have a special Human Resources requirement? 

    •  Maybe there is a project that will overburden your current HR staff ? 

    •  An employee is on a leave of absence or you need to ramp up a recruiting campaign quickly? 

    These are types of situations which requires a professional consultant who can fit seamlessly into your infrastructure and hit the ground running.

                  If the answer to some or all of the above is “ YES”, then In-SearchInc. can help you meet your objectives while saving you valuable time and money.


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